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With its stark natural beauty, rich and diverse cultural heritage, famed jewels and unique Hyderabadi cuisine, the Deccan sits at the heart of the Indian peninsula. Home to some of the iconic universities and medical colleges, this cosmopolitan city now attracts students from across the world.  “In the end, your legacy won’t be about your success; it will be about your significance and the impact you made on every student, every day, and whether you were willing to do whatever it took to inspire them to be more than they ever thought possible” -Jimmy Casas I read these lines somewhere on a school wall and they’ve refused to leave me. The Deccan Trailblazers—Education Icons of Hyderabad attempts to portray powerful influencers whose legacy has inspired not just me but whole generations of learners, teachers and academicians. The book has three sections: 1.The Exclusive Trendsetters!  It portrays the crème de la crème of leaders who, through personal example, influence learners’ in unique ways that extend way beyond their immediate arena. 2.They dared to dream!  This is a glimpse into the minds of some iconic educationists of the 21st century, from the city of Nawabs and provides insight into what makes them leaders who continue to change the tomorrow inside their classrooms! 3.The Unsung Heroes! This one honors those quiet yet powerful educators who prefer their simple classrooms to be their karmabhoomi and change the world one student at a time.! I hope this candid compilation of the thoughts, vision and far-sightedness will inspire others, as it has inspired me, to continue their own quest for excellence.

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